Aerocart – Does all the Heavy Lifting!



Oh, to spend the day out in the garden, planting beautiful springtime flowers, mulching the hedges, clearing the brush, making a rock garden. How wonderful you feel about your accomplishment, the look of your lovely yard, the wonderful flowers to come… but man, how your back aches, your legs throb, and your arms feel like lead weights. Is there a better way?

You knew that there was. Check out the Aerocart, designed specifically to lessen the load, Aerocart takes the place of your old, unstable wheelbarrow, and a whole lot more. Rolling on two oversized, balanced wheels, the Aerocart makes a grueling 300lb load feel more like an easy, breezy 25lbs, and your Aerocart also converts into a powerful dolly for moving boxes and appliances, or, using a fulcrum it’ll help you roll around your large potted plants or boulders and, with an optional hitch ball, it will even move a trailer!

The Aerocart comes with a specially designed extended dolly, similar to having your own hand-powered forklift, great for bulky items, like bags of mulch, straw bails or even furniture, and the rock mover consists of a heavy duty hammock that requires you only to roll the rock onto it, and then the Aerocart lets you lift it, and move it about at will. What about those heavy flower pots? With the included  flower pot strap and the Aerocart’s patented extended arms, you can even move those heavy plants around all by yourself.

This “Swiss Army Knife of garden carts” will hold lawn and leaf bags for you (without complaining), has tires that will never go flat, and comes with a cylinder carrier that ensures your rounded containers, like big paint cans or buckets won’t roll off. How can you go wrong? With optional accessories like a water carrier and a wagon kit that includes a seat and a drink holder, the Aerocart may be the last garden hauler you will ever need. Can you say Fathers day? Get yours at for under 170 bucks, or head on over to for videos and more information.

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