OTTO is a hackable GIF Camera…wait…what?


Pictures and videos flood our social media feeds daily. New selfies, pictures of food, attempts at funny videos, and more than can possibly be accounted for. While we we’re losing an attention span longer than 6 seconds thanks to Vine, there might be rise of a new trend thanks to one camera.

OTTO has one main purpose, which is making GIFs. It’s connected to your smartphone, and has a retro feel thanks to its crank mechanism. Using this device is easy, as you pop up the crank, rotate clockwise to make your GIF, and rotate counterclockwise to end it. At this point it will sync with your phone so you can upload them online immediately so all the world can see your new creation. Of course, being a one trick pony does not a quality product make. It can take regular still photos and 1080p video, so it does still fit the “regular camera” aspect.

This has several different modes that you can control through your smartphone. You can use OTTO for a photobooth, time lapses, and there are a variety of filters you can put on before you start shooting. Thanks to a USB plug, you’ll be able to add on different hardware aspects. It runs on Raspberry PI, has a 96×96 top-mounted OLED display, and a 35mm f/2.0 lens. Should you have interest, this will cost you around $199-249.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter