Veho Vecto Speaker & Charger outdoor speaker


veho-vectorWhen it comes to outdoor speakers, there are plenty of models that have been released to date, where many of them happen to also be waterproof so that you may have a smashing good time at the pool with your mates. The thing is, would the sound quality as well as battery life be able to live up to your expectations? With the £79.99 Veho Vecto Speaker & Charger outdoor speaker, this might very well be your outdoor speaker of choice if you are in the market for such a device.

Why do we say that this could be the only outdoor speaker you’ll ever need? For starters, it offers big sound – to the tune of 8 watts of powerful high-fidelity sound, and will arrive in a rugged water-resistant and shock-proof housing. Not only that, there is a generous 6,000mAh power bank which is capable of charging majority of the smartphones out there up to 4 times, while a built-in microSD memory card slot does provide room for you to leave your MP3 player at home. It will pair up with a wireless Bluetooth device or can be connected via the included 3.5mm cable for some quality music playback on the move.

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