Aquatic Bar lets you set up an impromptu watering hole


aquatic-barYou know how some of the more fancy 5-star hotels out there in the market will feature some sort of pool bar? As in, the entire pool has a segment somewhere which has a raised platform as well as some “stools” for you to sit on, while the bartender wades around in the pool all day long, making sure that the hotel guests will be able to indulge in their favorite drink or two after a few laps? Let’s say you have a pool at home, but never really thought of implementing a pool bar in your early years until now. Fret not, you do not need to get involved in some serious remodeling of your pool, but rather, settle for the $279.95 Aquatic Bar.

It is a cozy little “bar” which floats, considering how it seats only four adults around an integrated cooler. The Aquatic Bar is the perfect place to facilitate conversation as all four of you imbe in your preferred libations, thanks to its quartet of inflatable chairs with 15″-high backs and 15″-wide seats. There will be a lid in the middle of the bar which opens up to reveal a 12″ diameter x 10″-deep cooler which will be able to stash some ice in addition to a dozen 12 oz. cans, or eight 16 oz. bottles. All seats come with a cup holder built into the front, and the side of the bar features a plug which will drain melted ice. It takes just 5 minutes to deflate and inflate it, thanks to the built-in speed valves.

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