The Mionix NASH 20 headset is here to enable your gaming habits


Mionix NASH 20 gaming headset

We judge our gaming keyboards and mice by how quickly they can input our reactions. If you hit a button in a fast-paced game with any sort of delay, you will more than likely be out for the count. When it comes to headsets, we want quality audio that can tell us exactly where our enemies are coming from, and won’t give us a headache after an hour.

The NASH 20 is a gaming headset by Mionix that is supposed to have design, sound, and comfort as its most important values. It has large swivel ear cups made of leather and memory foam that will hopefully allow for long gaming sessions. The 50mm DACT drivers will be able to give you “exceptional sound reproduction and precision”.

For those that like to play with others, this headset features a flip-up-to-mute microphone. When you don’t want to crunch cereal or burp during a Skype chat, then flip up the mic and carry on with business. You’ll know when you’re no longer muted, as the mic will click back into place. You can adjust the size of the headband, and should you need to tamper with the volume, you’ll find it on the back of the ear cup rather than in-line. This means you won’t have to take your hand off the mouse to fiddle with it, and have much less chance of turning your volume all the way down by accident. Should this seem like the perfect gaming headset to you, it will cost you around $151 (at that price is should be pretty close to perfect).

Available for purchase on Mionix

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