Sparkbeats shows off visible alerts on iPhone 5/5S via illumination

sparkbeatsNot all smartphones are created equal, which is why we have the entry level, the mid-range as well as the high end market segments. Considering that is the case, it is also not surprising to hear that there are also different categories of smartphone cases, and this time around, the Sparkbeats would offer something different from the norm, although it will cater only to the iPhone 5 as well as iPhone 5s smartphones. What does the Sparkbeats protective case do?

Basically, the Sparkbeats will be able to receive visible alerts for incoming calls or texts. This is one unique phone case that has its own app, where it will bend the light from the smartphone’s LED flash all the way through its elegantly designed and guided channels that have been specially built into the casing. I suppose it is fitting for the Sparkbeats to function this way, as it pays homage to the iPhone 5/5s’ industrial design.

Chris Johnson, Founder of, shared, “Typically, other cases that light up are transparent, and need an external battery which adds weight and bulk. Sparkbeats only uses the iPhone’s flash to light up the special pattern on the case. It’s something cool and fun that really adds a distinctive flair to your phone.”

Sparkbeats will bring visual reminders when it comes to incoming calls or texts, and this is made possible thanks to the turning on of the “LED Flash Alerts” in your phone’s Accessibility settings. Apart from that, using the Sparkbeats App would also enable you to customize your light settings in-motion. Take for instance, when you are chilling out at a club, dance and shake with the case in order to end up with a distinctive flash that matches your rhythm. The case has been designed in such a way that the user can see all notifications or flashes regardless of the angle.

The Sparkbeats case will cost you $49.99 if you are interested, where you can pick from black or white colors.

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