Renny – Because your Phone isn’t Always in your Pocket



I know quite a few folks who rely on their smartphone entirely. They have cut the cord (so to speak) with their landline services. I am inching closer to that end, although I haven’t quite arrived just yet. My concern was having to walk around with my phone in my pocket, or run the risk of not being able to hear it ring…

Well, that hurdle has been jumped. Check out Renny, a portable Bluetooth hands-free speakerphone that requires no wires and no installation. Renny has a range of up to 200 feet, and it rings, and loudly announces who it is that’s calling… even if your mobile phone is on vibrate or silent! Renny will let you connect 2 phones at a time and allows you to pick up your calls via it’s built-in microphone (no more running to find the cell) Use Renny’s useful hands-free function and control your phone use with selectable ringtones, and Call Answer/End/Reject and Mute control.

Renny can be used at home, in your car, or out by the pool.It can also stream your favorite music wirelessly from your mp3 player, tablet, smartphone or computer using Bluetooth wireless technology. So if you’re tired of missing cellphone calls while you’re at home, or you just want to ditch your home phone service altogether, Renny might just be the gadget for you. Grab one at for under 100 bucks.

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