The USB Bluetooth Audio Dongle can take cables out of the equation

Bluetooth Audio Dongle

Many devices these days are Bluetooth enabled, but that doesn’t mean all the stereo systems and notebooks we have are as capable. It can be annoying to become accustomed to Bluetooth, and then suddenly not have it, especially if you more frequently use a device that doesn’t have that ability, or haven’t upgraded yet. If you want to be able to stream music from just about any audio device, then you’re going to want a way to do it wirelessly.

The USB Bluetooth Audio Dongle is a simple, yet effective little gizmo. It plugs into your 3.5mm audio out jack of your device, and then it will be able to transmit your audio. This will work with just about any notebook, MP3 player, tablet, and more. The same goes for PCs, but you will need to connect it through USB instead. There is a multi-function button on the top of this dongle, and the audio plug can rotate 180 degrees.

There’s no setup or installation necessary, as you just plug it in and start jamming. As it can work with just about any device that has a 3.5mm audio jack, it would be a handy tool to have around for those that always like to listen to background sound but don’t always have the means. Should you be interested, this will only cost you $25.

Available for purchase on Brando, found via redferret