Kitty Hawk Kite takes to the skies

kitty-hawk-kiteMan had always wanted to take to the skies, and tales such as Icarus with his wax wings have been told through the centuries, still carving a gleeful smile on the eyes of the little ones who hear the same tale regaled over and over again. However, it is the Wright brothers who actually managed to perform the first plane flight in the early part of the 20th century, where they never would have imagined that one day, we will be able to travel around the world in style with a palatial suite in the skies. Well, the $59.95 Kitty Hawk Kite will definitely roll back the years, where this particular kite replicates the unique canard biplane design of the original Wright Flyer from 1903.

It has been designed by world-renowned kite artist Joel Scholz, where it will sport a fiberglass frame, struts, and cross-pieces to support the twin wings, foreplanes, and fuselage, where all of it has been made from ripstop polyster. All in all, we can say that this is a faithful representation of the famous airplaneā€™s airframe, sporting 1/12-scale wings that produce a 46″ wingspan which is capable of generating lift in ideal winds of 8 – 18 mph. The included spool of 37-lb.-test polyester string will let the Kitty Hawk Kite fly to approximately 200′ in height, and best of all is, minimal assembly is required.