The Firefly LDH puts your flashlight to shame



We’re used to fluorescent, incandescent, and LED lights. All give off different “temperatures” of light, and some are much stronger than others. If you have the option available, you’re going to want to use whatever works the best with the least amount of energy consumption. Have you ever considered using a laser light?

The Firefly is not in any way referencing a magnificent show that was cut too soon, but is a laser dodecahedron. This is a portable light that can beam 100 feet and illuminate far more space than your regular flashlight. It uses an industrial laser that has around a 1 year lifespan. It is splash resistant, but you’ll want to plastic wrap this if you take it to the great outdoors where humidity and puddles are. To power this torch, it will take 4 AAA batteries which will give it 5.5 hours of juice, or need to be plugged into the wall.

While the casing is drop and scratch-proof, the crystals can break, which means the lights will stop working if you nudge it off the table one too many times. The lights are constant and steady, so this isn’t meant for lighting up dance parties. This can be used as a nightlight, but it will cast an eerie dotted glow on everything. Should you be interested, this will cost you around $40, and there are some skins available that will allow you to shape the dots into hearts or stars for an additional $7.

Available for purchase on Firefly

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