Tado Cooling will pair your old AC unit with your smartphone



We’ve all seen the Nest system which can make your house bills cheaper by learning your habits and acting accordingly. It saves you money and makes your home somewhat automated, but it is a tad on the pricey side at $250. If there were an easier, cheaper way of accomplishing the same task, surely we’re all going to jump on it, right?

The Tado would give the Nest a run for its money if it wasn’t situation specific. This works with your existing AC unit if it uses a remote control, and will connect it to your smartphone. It will turn off your AC while you’re out and about, and when you’re just about home it will turn it back on. Not only will it detect when you’re leaving or staying at your home, but it will also detect room to room movement. If you want to be in the living room and move there from the kitchen, it will lower and raise the temperatures accordingly.

There is also a humidity sensor that will make sure whatever levels you prefer will stay exactly as you want them. If you’re interested, this will cost you around $100, but that will multiply times the number of AC units you would like to us this with. This is a cheaper option, but will be very specific to your AC setup.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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