Perfect Drink lets yoou enjoy some smart bartending


perfect-drinkI know that hitting your favorite watering hole can be quite the soothing experience, especially after you have had an extremely tough day at the office and would like to unwind with a tipple or two. Perhaps there are times when none of your mates will be able to make it, and the bartender whom you share all your troubles with? He’s out of town. Going home is an option, but how else are you going to enjoy your favorite cocktails? Why, there’s an app for that, of course. The Perfect Drink is the culmination of app-controlled smart bartending.

First, you start off by choosing your drink before following real-time pouring instructions, and voila! You will end up as the home’s resident bartender in no time at all. All that you need to do is hook up the Perfect Drink to your iOS device (that runs on iOS 5.1 or higher), download the free app, and you’re good to go. There are hundreds of drink recipes to choose from, and you no longer need to measure how much you pour since there is a virtual glass that will fill up on your screen, giving you the exact cue as to stop. Not only that, should you overpour, it will re-adjust the recipe automatically, now how about that? Heck, you can even save your own custom drink variations or choose to create your own from scratch. Each purchase comes with a smart scale, 750ml stainless steel shaker, 2 drink pouring spouts, 3.5mm cable and phone/tablet stand.

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