The Bison Airlighter is a portable fuel-efficient blowtorch


Bison Airlighter

There’s nothing quite like food cooked on the grill when it’s nice out. Maybe it has better memories attached to it, maybe it’s the flavor, or it could be the fact that you get to play with fire. Heating coals or wood can take a little time to start up, and using a bunch of butane can change the flavor of what you cook over the flames.

If you’ve always wanted to use a tiny blowtorch that isn’t too much of a hazard to the people around you, the Bison Airlighter might be a good option. This is a portable air-driven lighter that looks like a combination between a gun and a hairdryer. This will jet out a 4-inch flame that uses 99% less butane than other lighters. It has an adjustable grip so you can use it however feels most comfortable to you, and there’s an LED flashlight for nighttime grilling.

Even when it’s going full-blast, the barrel will be cool to the touch, so you don’t need to worry about burning yourself unless you’re actively trying. There is a child safety lock just in case you don’t want tiny hands to think they’re holding a toy. Filling the canister with butane once should last for about 50 lights, and USB charging will take about 3 hours for a full charge. This will cost you about $100, but will let you light your fires for cooking, camping, or fireplaces within a fraction of the time, and far less fuel.

Available for purchase on thebisoncompany

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