The Lunecase – a intelligent case for your smartphone



If you want to use a mobile phone accessory, you usually need to be ready to lose some battery life in the process or have charging cables for the devices at the ready. If you’re using a case for your phone that has a special function, it normally means you have to recharge it the night before. Oftentimes they also add a lot of unwanted bulk to the phone’s form.

If you just want a little extra protection from bumps and scratches, but would like an extra bonus from your case, the Lunecase might be of interest to you. This is a sleek case available in black or white that is made of hard plastic with a thin rubber coating which will alert you if you have a text or incoming call through an illuminated icon on the back. You don’t need to charge it in any way, shape, or form as it uses the electromagnetic energy that your phone puts off.

Laying face down, your screen won’t come into contact with the surface. While this case does have some protective qualities, this will only give you a light barrier between drops and bumps. This case only costs around $39, and needs no setup or initial charges as it’s using what your phone puts off and reacts accordingly to it. This would be a nice way to discreetly judge whether or not you need to actually check your phone when it buzzes.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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