This Silver Wall Clock holds the mystery of time…and all your junk


There are some items which we want to keep hidden away so curious hands can’t easily come across them. While some try to find nooks and crannies in the house or buy full-fledged safes, you don’t really need to go too far out of your way to hide a few things. Sometimes stowing your precious items in plain sight is the best way of keeping them off the radar.

Using a piece of decoration that everyone is so accustomed to that they stop noticing it is the perfect disguise for a hidden safe. This Silver Wall Clock may look as simple as can be, but it hides a shelved storage system. The only issue is that there isn’t a locking mechanism on the clock, so if someone figures out that things aren’t as they appear, you’re going to need a new place to put your valuables.

If nothing else, this will make sure kids can’t get a hold of cash, cards, or jewelry unless they figure out how to put a chair by the wall under the clock. This clock does work (otherwise it would be a pretty obvious giveaway), and will likely need batteries. Should you have need to hide your belongings, this will cost you around $17. Keep in mind that this is not infallible as a deterrent for theft, but it will at least be one layer of protection.

Available for purchase on Newegg