The Supernova iPhone 5 Case is a lighter you won’t want to lose


Supernova iPhone 5 Case

While we all know it’s not good for you, a fair number of people still smoke. That means lighters, cigarette cases, and other smoking accessories are still being purchased. If you do smoke, then you likely know the annoyance of trying to keep track of lighters. Well-meaning friends don’t mean to, put will pocket your lighter and you’ll never see it again.

If you want a way to avoid carrying a lighter around anymore, you can just get the Supernova iPhone 5 Case. This has an electric lighter built-in, and will only need to be recharged via MicroUSB to keep going. To use, slide down the plastic covering the lighter, and wait for it to heat up. This case is very lightweight, and while it will offer some protection for your phone, keep in mind that making your phone safe from drops and falls is not the main function of this case.

This is available in a sleek black with silver accents, and will cost you around $40. The good part about this type of lighter is that the wind will have no effect on whether or not this will light your cigarette. Any associates of yours that also smoke will certainly be far less likely to try and take your lighter, unless they’re actually trying to steal from you. Just make sure you don’t lose your phone, or you’re going to be doubly upset, as trying to de-stress from the event of losing your lifeline by smoking won’t be able to happen unless someone else is willing to share their lighter.

Available for purchase on gadgetsandgear, found via ohgizmo

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