NeoLev Desktop Hovering Board shows off the wonders of humble beginnings


neolevWhen Back to the Future was first shown, I am quite sure that many people were impressed by the ideas that were put forward by the movie (and the rest of its trilogy, of course). The thing is, not all of the ideas in a science fiction environment would ultimately end up in that of the real world, such as the hoverboard. Well, we are still rocking out to skateboards in the second decade of the 21st century, but like all big things, they start small. There is some light at the end of the proverbial tunnel where the hoverboard is concerned, with the $39.99 NeoLev Desktop Hovering Board leading the way.

The NeoLev Desktop Hovering Board happens to feature a pyrolytic graphite board that will hover over the rare earth magnet base, and not only that, the board itself is capable of oscillating back and forth,now how about that? Each NeoLev Desktop Hovering Board will be equipped with a base that sports 5 high grade rare earth magnets, and these magnets would function as the “track” on which the hovering board that is made out of pyrolytic graphite will float over. Since the “track” sports a slight bend to it, one is able to push the board a wee bit, and see it slide back and forth. Definitely one of the more interesting toys around to have on your desk, and this could very well be the 21st century version of the Newton’s Cradle.

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