Remote Controlled Pool Lights brightens up your surroundings


rc-pool-lightsI would assume that should you be well off enough to live in a bungalow that has adequate amounts of land to throw in a swimming pool as well, not to mention having to deal with its maintenance and upkeep, then you would also have employed a landscape designer to make sure that everything around your pool looks fine and inviting. However, for some of us who do not have the extra budget to go that far, there is an alternative which comes in the form of DIY. The $49.95 Remote Controlled Pool Lights would be a good place as any to begin with, where these remote-controlled lights will easily illuminate an above-ground pool without the need for any wires.

One can quickly install these lights in pools with steel walls or vinyl walls up to 2/100” thick, where the waterproof lights will be positioned anywhere on a pool’s interior walls and secured in place with strong magnets within the lights. All that you need would be a quick tap on the remote control in order to activate the five LEDs, where they will work in tandem to produce a glow which sets a truly soothing mood as you wind down from the day’s stresses. A second tap would light all 13 long-lasting white LEDs, delivering a strong beam for a safe night swim. These lights can also float on the water’s surface, or you can opt to affix them onto any flat ferrous metal surface. Each light is powered by a trio of AA batteries that deliver up to 80 hours of light.

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