Orapup – So your Dogs Breath can be just as Sweet as She is



Those of us who have had the pleasure of having a dog, know that they love us unconditionally. They will rush up to kiss us no matter what state we may be in. Morning breath? no problem. Garlic and onions for lunch? It might even make you that much more irresistible. I can’t say I feel the same way about her. Yes, I’m always very happy to see my dog… but her breath? Not so much. Brushing her teeth is a chore for both of us, and those dental bones don’t help enough. I hate having to rebuff her affections… but yuck! I think she ate something dead.

Welcome Orapup, brought to you by the same folks that brought you the Orabrush tongue cleaners for humans, the Orapup cleaner is designed especially for man’s best friend. The set consists of an ultra-soft, micro-pointed bristled paddle brush that can reach deep into the crevices of your pets tongue and loosen all that stinky bacteria, and Lickies, a syrupy substance that is spread on the paddle, that’s fortified with all-natural enzymes and even has anti-plaque benefits to help with your dogs overall dental health, and defend against his seriously bad breath.

All you have to do is allow Fido to lick on the brush for about a minute or so, and voila! A nice fresh mouth. No muss, no fuss, no trauma. When you’re done, you just rinse your Orapup with fresh water and put it away for next time. For best results, it is recommended to be used daily. So if you have a furry friend who’s breath leaves a lot to be desired, get him an Orapup Starter Kit, it comes with the brush and 2 bottles of Lickies, all for around 33 bucks from amazon.com.. oh, and it comes with 2 free Orabrushes for you too, you wouldn’t want your dog to have to kiss you with that mouth, would you?

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