Kohler Touchless flush makes your toilet experience a whole lot more enjoyable


kohler-touchlessSome folks are able to relieve themselves regardless of where they are, even when it is a makeshift stall in the middle of nowhere. As for some other people, they would need all of the proper amenities to be able to even let their bodies respond to nature’s call, otherwise it is a no go. If you would like a touch of luxury right smack in the comfort of your own home, then you might want to check out the all new Kohler Touchless toilet technology.

Being true to its name, this is a brand new technology which enables users to flush the toilet without having to make any kind of contact whatsoever – ensuring that your hands will not come into contact of any dirty buttons or flush levers, which would go down well with those who are paranoid of catching a bug or something of the equivalent. Granted, if you were to install this in your own home, I am quite sure that you would have no qualms about pressing the flush lever yourself, but that is another story for a different day should there be visitors who drop by and spend an extended amount of time there.

Just how does Kohler’s Touchless technology work? Well, it is basically a no-brainer when you think about it – all that is required is for you to hold your hand over the tank lid directly above the sensor in order to actuate the flush. This new Touchless technology will come alongside the iconic Kohler Cimarron toilet in addition to the retro-fit kit which ought to work with just about any kind of single-flush toilet that sports a canister or flapper type flush.

It will be different from that of a beam-based sensor, where a beam of light would be broken to trigger the actuation in such a system, whereas the Kohler Touchless flush will make use of emerging sensing technology that is capable of projecting an electromagnetic field which is not only extremely accurate but reliable to boot. This kind of sensor will be able to detect the user in the projected field, and hence, initiate the flush. The Kohler Touchless sensor would be powered by a quartet of AA alkaline batteries that ought to be able to last anywhere from six to twelve months on average, depending on use.

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