Kisai Night Vision Wood LED Watch can’t be taken at face value

Kisai Wood Night Vision Watch

We see a lot of the world around us at face value. Most of the gizmos and gadgets we know of are often self-explanatory, and it’s only the ones that have innovative or multiple functions that really surprise us. TokyoFlash has a knack for making wrist watches that take a new spin on something we thought we were familiar with.

The Kisai Night Vision Wood LED Watch will make you double-take, as it initially looks like a faceless timepiece. Once the button is pressed, LEDs shine through a wooden face to reveal the time. Of all the watches they have put out in the past, this may be the easiest to read. The hours are indicated on the outer ring, where the hour is normally located. The minutes are displayed in a hexagonal style. In essence, it is a crossover between a digital and classic wrist watch.

This watch is available in dark Sandalwood or Maple wood with options of blue, green, or red LEDs. The wood has been covered in a clear coating to prevent scratches and to make the wood more durable. If you’re worried about sizing, the strap is adjustable. Seeing that the material is mainly wood, this will also be a very lightweight watch. If you’d like, the watch can be programmed to set off an animation every 15 minutes between 6pm and midnight. There are alarm and date modes for this watch which can be set through the bottom button. This watch is charged via USB, and you’ll have to unscrew a tiny screw to access it. This will cost $109 for those who want to sport a watch which only tells time when you want it to.

Available for purchase on TokyoFlash