Polar Pen makes work a whole lot more fun

polar-penI know that many of us tend to do a whole lot of typing these days, but back in the earlier years when computers were non-existent, it was the age of typewriters as well as plain handwriting for a few hundred years that helped get the message across. Well, in this day and age, writing instruments have transformed into a status symbol with the likes of Montblanc, but Firebox has something else up their sleeves with the £34.99 Polar Pen.

The Polar Pen is beautifully simple in its form factor, but can be transformed into a world of endless possibilities. It will feature precision-milled from powerful magnets made of Neodymium, and is not only a pen, but also doubles up as a stylus as well as an impromptu play-thing. In fact, the Polar Pen would be able to perform an effortless transition between the paper and touch screen, and has already been backed by over 14,000 compulsive pen fiddlers on Kickstarter. The Polar Pen ought to be the ideal device that might just inspire you at work, school, or at home.