Transparent Toaster might spell the end of burnt toasts

transparent-toasterHave you ever placed a couple of slices of bread in a toaster before, only to forget that it has been in there for way too long? This more often than not results in burnt bread or toast, but perhaps there is a way to avoid such a condition from repeating itself in the future? I would like to think that the $99.95 Transparent Toaster is capable of getting the job done while offering you a window into the items within the toaster, so that you can visually inspect the food item within to make sure it has yet to capitulate to the searing heat.

The Transparent Toaster’s built-in window lets you visually monitor levels of browning and make sure that the slices of toast within is cooked to perfection. There is a front panel that boasts of a 44″ sq. dual-paned glass window which will offer a view of bread as it browns, while the 1.5” x 10.5” slot accommodates a couple of slices of bread, or to have two halves of a bagel side-by-side. It ought to cater to just about all taste buds thanks to seven different browning levels, in addition to defrost and re-heat settings, not to mention even a bagel setting which will be able to gently warm the interior of a bagel while toasting the exterior.