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The E-Blue Web TV Wireless Keyboard Touchpad with Remote Control


If your computer screen isn’t big enough for your personal tastes, there’s a good chance you’ve connected your Internet to your TV. There’s nothing quite like playing Candy Crush or watching cat videos on YouTube with surround sound. While you can use a remote, it’s not as easy or familiar as using a keyboard and mouse. Of course, if you do use those peripherals when on the couch you’re going to be a bit more glued to your seat, as it is akin to having a cat sit on your lap.

 If you want a middle ground between what you use for your computer and the TV remote, then the E-Blue Web TV Wireless Keyboard Touchpad with Remote Control might tickle your fancy. The name pretty much covers any feature you could think up. It has a full keyboard, touchpad, arrow keys, forward/backward buttons, right and left buttons, sleep mode, volume controls, as well as zoom and scroll wheels.

It’s compatible with Windows 8 (and even has a Windows button), Android, Mac, and PS3. It is a bit large, and could be awkward to handle at times, but at least its 103g weight won’t be too hard to hold over extended periods. This plugs in via USB, and needs AA batteries to function. If you already have a way to control things, this is an needless $38 purchase, but the whole idea is convenience, right?

Available for purchase on Brando, found via Redferret

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