Bluetooth Speaker with Roasting Thermometer – right tunes with the right taste

roasting-thermometerI must say, when it comes to doing something or getting involved in a particular activity where you would like to raise things up to the next level, doing it with some of your favorite music playing in the background is definitely an affordable way of maximizing your potential. Not only that, don’t you feel as though music playing in the background, especially with your favorite tracks making their grooves heard to the masses, is capable of making any road trip feel a whole lot shorter as a rift in the time-space continuum seemingly opens up to turn a long journey upside down? Well, with the $89.99 Bluetooth Speaker with Roasting Thermometer, you can be sure that your attempts in the kitchen or at the grill will be a whole lot more joyful – and hence, resulting in tastier food, too.

This rechargeable device lets you enjoy high-quality wireless music as your roast remains in the oven. Using it is a snap – all that you need to do would be to pair it with your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other Android-powered smartphone, and you’re good to go. Should someone decide to phone in, you can use this unique speaker as a hands-free speakerphone.

When it comes to roasting, all that you need to do is to select your meat type from the preset menu, the way you like it done (rare, med rare, medium or well), before inserting the detachable food probe. There will be a voice alert that informs you whenever the food is ready.