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Whipsaw reveals Nod gesture control ring


Have you ever heard of Whipsaw Inc. before? This happens to be the Silicon Valley-based Industrial Design and Engineering firm that comes up with a slew of innovative products for companies worldwide. Whipsaw has decided to throw their lot with Nod, which happens to be touted as “the most advanced gesture control device” to date. The Nod gesture control ring might be something that Sauron would have been interested in – not only is it stylish and light, it is also versatile, too, being a truly special ring in the world of functional, wearable tech.

 The Nod happens to be an always-on ring which functions as a universal controller to the variety of smart devices that happen to function in your connected life, where among them include the likes of smartphones, tablets, Google Glass, smartwatches, home appliances, smart TVs, and computers, among others. Using the Nod is as simple as ABC – all that you need to do would be to wear Nod on your finger, point and gesture naturally, and voila! Your compatible devices will be able to obey all of your subtle finger movements as though they were by magic.

This would mean that using the Nod gesture control ring is extremely intuitive, since there is no longer any more need to learn unfamiliar motions or intricate gestures. It will be as natural as possible, where this Bluetooth-enabled ring is capable of responding to the many simple movements that one makes. For instance, rotating your hand will let you adjust the temperature on your smart thermostat, and you can turn the TV on simply by pointing to it, or to adjust the volume.

Right now, the Nod gesture control ring remains available for a limited pre-sale at $149 a pop, and those who have already done so ought to be able to see their orders begin to ship later this coming fall.

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