The Lowepro DryZone Duffle Bag will keep your camera safe in the rainy months


LowePro Duffle Bag

If you love taking photos and fancy yourself to be a professional photographer, there are likely few times you are seen without your camera. Come whatever the weather may be, you’re going to need to keep your pride and joy safe from the harsh elements. While a normal camera bag may work most of the time, what do you do if you’re in an area that has rain which doesn’t want to let up?

There are plenty of ways to cover your camera in wet conditions, but what about the rest of your gear? The Lowepro DryZone Duffle Bag will keep anything you can stuff in it safe and devoid of H2O. This is capable of holidng a DSLR camera, 3 lenses, a flash, and accessories. It’s made of 210D TPU Tarpaulin that has a waterproof rating of IPX-6, which means it could come across a high pressure water stream and make it out ok.

There are plenty of foam dividers to keep your things from knocking into each other. When everything is in place, meet up the top two gray bars on the mouth of the bag, and roll it down at least three times. From there you’ll buckle everything in place on the sides, front, and back. There is a front zippered pocket and D-rings under multiple attachment points where you can store other things that can stand a bit of a bath. This bright yellow bag will cost you around $109, and would be perfect for the oncoming storms that Spring inevitably brings.

Available for purchase on bhphoto

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