Amphibious Chaise lets you lounge in a relaxed environment


amphibious-chaiseThere is nothing quite like lying down on your back in a pool, sipping on a pina colada while you are soaking in the sun’s rays. It is pure bliss, and even more so when you do not have any kind of thoughts about work or stuff to do from the office floating around your mind. Not all floating beds in a pool are the same, of course, as evident by the $179.99 Amphibious Chaise.

The Amphibious Chaise happens to be a chaise lounger which will be able to provide reclined seating as it floats around in a pool or when one lounges on the deck. The chaise has a hollow frame which is made from weatherproof molded polyethylene resin that will offer a level of buoyancy that lets one drift at a leisurely pace across the pool surface. Apart from that, the leg rest and backrest will join at a pivot that, sporting an integrated stand that will be able to keep the backrest upright as one suns on the deck, where the pivot will fold for easy off-season storage. Sporting a 1,700″ sq. surface, it delivers ample room for outstretched arms and legs, where its woven faux rattan texture blends into poolside decor and landscaping. The entire shebang tips the scales at a mere 24 lbs., making it a snap to transfer from water to the land and since it comes fully assembled, it ought to be able to fit your relaxed lifestyle like a dream.

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