The Roccat Syva In-Hear Headset is for gamers on the go

ROCCAT Syva In-Ear Headset

When we have to traverse public spaces, we sometimes choose to listen to music to put a buffer between ourselves and the outside world. While we shouldn’t block out all exterior sound all the time (crossing roads or near work sites), there are times where we want to be lost in the sound. The only way we can do that is with a nice headset.

The greatest challenge is having your music loud enough to that you can hear everything crisply, but not have to annoy everyone within ten feet. Using in-ear headphones is usually the best option, and the Syva In-Ear Headset looks as though it might be up to snuff. It has a 10mm speaker in each ear cup, is lightweight enough to be used over extended periods of time, and has an in-line mic so you can take calls. As always, there are multiple ear tips so you can get the correct fit.

The cable is of the two-colored ribbon variety, and due to its shape, is supposed to resist tangling. On the other side of the in-line mic is a call/play button. While there are a plethora of options out there for in-ear headsets, ROCCAT has a penchant for setting the bar pretty high, so these are likely well worth the ~$42 you would spend on them. While they’re currently available in Europe and Asia, they will likely make their way to the US slowly but surely.

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