HyperX Cloud gaming headset offers long term comfort while gaming


hyperx-cloudWhen it comes to gaming peripherals, you know for sure that gamers can be a particular choosy lot. They might be in love with everything under the features list, but when the design does not appeal one bit to them, then it is back to the drawing board. I suppose this is why there is a healthy growth in this particularly niche market of gaming peripherals, as different hardware manufacturers take up the mantle of figuring out just what do gamers want and need, before proceeding with rolling out the product. The HyperX Cloud gaming headset is the latest gaming peripheral from the traditional memory vendor, where it will boast of extremely comfortable ear cushions and larger audio drivers that delivers ultimate comfort and superior sound to gamers throughout the entire duration of the game, which can stretch to more than a dozen hours in a single day – and I am speaking from experience here.

In order to make life a whole lot more comfortable for gamers, the HyperX Cloud gaming headset will make use of memory foam ear cushions as well as a soft, leather-padded headband with custom stitching for enhanced comfort and style. The presence of an over-the-ear, closed-cup design would be able to help block out ambient noise for a more immersive game experience. There will also be interchangeable velour ear cushions so that gamers can hear their surroundings (including the pizza delivery boy knocking on the door, I suppose) while also delivering dialogue and every explosion and gunfire in clear, high-fidelity audio courtesy of the large 53mm drivers.

Apart from that, the HyperX Cloud will also feature a detachable microphone and is made out of aluminum for additional durability. Do expect the HyperX Cloud to play nice with the PC and PS4, in addition to other smartphones and tablets that are in the market.

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