FLORAbrella brings color to a gloomy day

florabellaIt does not matter if it is going to rain 40 days and 40 nights once more, and while you might perish with the rest of the world in the next global flood, at least you can go out cheerfully – thanks to the wonders of the FLORAbrella. With the FLORAbrella, you will end up as a rainbow in the midst of a storm, so to speak, thanks to its NeoPixel LED strips and color sensor which enables you to match your clothing, or display rainbow and rain patterns if you so desire.

This is a project that will require some hands-on experience though, since you will need to create the circuit in the first place before mounting it in the dome of the umbrella, followed by finishing it nicely through the creation of clear vinyl hammocks for the battery, FLORA and color sensor. It will require an intermediate-level of knowledge alongside its fair share of precise soldering on the LED strips, but the end result is definitely well worth the effort, I must say!