The CandyShell Amped Case boosts your sound without draining the battery


When we listen to music, we want it to be loud enough that we’re not just hearing whispers and what we think is the beat. Every word and note should be coming out crystal clear. This is often why we get an external speaker, so we don’t have to rely on what’s built-in to our phones. While the phone speakers aren’t awful, they don’t quite have enough ‘oomph’ to keep us happy.

The CandyShell Amped Case for iPhone 5/5s has a built-in horn design that will amplify and equalize your sound into becoming fuller and richer. As this relies solely on acoustics, you won’t need to worry about it sucking the life from your phone, or carrying around extra cables or devices. On top of that, this is a functioning case that meets or exceeds military standards, so it should be able to take drops and shocks without shattering your mobile device.

If you haven’t already bought a separate speaker but have considered getting one, this might be a suitable alternative. You’ll be able to get this in black with grey accents, blue with Caribbean blue accents, or a bubblegum/flamingo pink combination. This will cost around $45, and would be extremely helpful for those of us who use our phones for GPS when driving and don’t have a way to hook it up to the speaker system in the car. Keep in mind that forgetting to turn off your sound in class or a meeting will instantly become far more embarrassing with this on though.

Available for purchase on speckproducts

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