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Till Watch
We scrutinize our use of every second in a day, checking the time constantly and trying to think of ways to be more efficient. However, when people ask the common question of “what time is it”, we often give a roundabout answer. While we do care about the time down to the actual minute, it doesn’t hurt to be casual.

The Till Watch will tell you the time as you would give it to anyone else. Instead of having every distinct number, you’ll get “25 after”,”half past”, “exactly”, and more. The hour will be clearly defined, but you can say goodbye to individual numbers. This does change up the cyclical fashion we are used to reading time in, as it will come across in a more linear structure, but it is a nice take on an old favorite. The look is very sleek and modern, with two variations of stainless steel and black.

The minutes arm will still trek clockwise as time goes on, but the only definitive time answers are in printed word with the occasional number. This 40mm watch appears to have a silicone-type materials for the band, which likely lends some ability to withstand water. If this is more your style of timepiece, be prepared to pay the $125 price tag that comes with it. Although it is a rather excessive price, that seems to be commonplace for things that lean towards designer.

Available for purchase on Fancy

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