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Pick Up Chicks with Japanese Chopsticks Practice Game

You know how hard it is to grapple with a pair of chopsticks the first time round? Granted, those living in certain parts of Asia have grown up with a pair and using it to eat is second nature to them, but for some of us who have yet to master the art of chopsticks, ThinkGeek has a solution with the Japanese Chopsticks Practice Game.

Here’s how you play: dump all the chicks into the little bowl. Then take turns picking them out. The smaller the chick, the harder they are to pick up, and the more points you get. And if you want to really get tough, you can pick out only one gender of chicks. That’s right – if you look really close, you’ll see that some chicks are boys (orange beaks) and some are girls (pink beaks and eyelashes). Why? We have no idea. This is a fun set to help the young learn and to help the not-as-young hone their chopstick skills. Here, chicky, chicky, chicky.

So, why not pick up this $19.99 game today and spend your entire weekend picking up chicks? At least you know there is no risk of catching any STDs with these birds.