The Only Unkinkable Garden Hose – hopefully it works as named!

unkinkable-hoseWhen it comes to cables as well as wires, there is one particular constant that I am quite sure many people would agree with, and that would be having those pesky wires getting all tangled up on their own accord. Just take a look at the telephone line alone and you’ll get what I mean. I know, the number of landlines in use have dwindled dramatically over the years with the advent of the mobile phone, but there are other references that one can draw upon, such as the plethora of cables behind your computer. Having said that, a garden hose, too, is not exempt from ending all tangled up, but the $129.95 Unkinkable Garden Hose begs to differ.

In fact, the Unkinkable Garden Hose claims to be the only garden hose of its kind out there that sports a unique double helix construction which ensures it will not kink. It is made from pliable, ultra-lightweight polypropylene that has intertwining helices, where this alone helps increase its strength all the while maintaining its shape. This particular hose is a whole lot easier to handle compared to the cumbersome ones that have been made out of thick, heavy rubber. It even comes with high-quality, internally expanded brass fittings that allows it to maintain a full flow even when tangled around patio furniture or pinned under a bike. So strong it is, that it can handle pressure surges of up to 300 PSI, now how about that?

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