Samsung announces Samsung Level premium audio product range


samsung-levelThe folks over at Samsung are certainly very serious about the different kinds of products that they put out in the market, and more often than not, would ensure that whatever you use would pass through a strict quality control test. Well, their latest range of premium audio products would come under the Samsung Level label, which will comprise of a quartet of types, Level Over, Level On, Level In, and Level Box.

From the middle of next month onwards (which is not too far away actually), the Samsung Level series will be made available for purchase in majority of the worldwide markets as well as via the Samsung Online Store in selective countries. Why must Samsung pursue the Level series? Well, these products will be made up of four types of expertly crafted audio products that target mobile users, and as mentioned earlier, the Level Over, Level On, Level In, and Level Box will let one receive calls even when listening to their favorite tunes, all the while ensuring that your ears will be treated to the best sound clarity possible throughout the call, being in harmony with Samsung’s industry-leading mobile technology.

Level Over would be Samsung’s flagship over-ear headphone that boasts of superior HD organic sound, a comfortable ergonomic design, touch controls, and wireless Bluetooth pairing. There will be a 50 mm Dynamic Driver that has been made with high performance Neodymium thrown into the mix, allowing users to enjoy deeper, more natural sound. Not only that, a free edge structure made from Bio Cellulose would prevent resonance between the vibration plate and the frame, hence avoiding unnecessary booming and providing the original sound.

As for Level On, it merges a compact style with a superior comfort and sound system to deliver an immersive and on-the-go premium sound experience, being specially designed to offer a full range of natural and clear sound, flexibly dampening the air flow with a 40 mm dual layered diaphragm.

Level Box functions as a premium and compact Bluetooth speaker that will boast of a solid metal design that comes complete with a full metal grille. It has a generous 56mm stereo speaker and a passive radiator, making it optimized to deliver high quality sound which is not only powerful, but crisp and balanced to boot.

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