Resomation – the Cremation Alternative that’s Good for the Earth


When you lose a loved one, it’s common to consider 2 options, burial, or cremation. You never really hear too much about the myriad of other options that you could consider. What if the recently departed was a devoted environmentalist? How would they choose to be laid to rest? How does one honor the person, and who they were in life, while still planning how to handle the remains?

Here is one of many options you may have never even heard of, Resomation. Resomation is one alternative to cremation and burial which offers a number environmental benefits like a lower carbon footprint,  less energy required in the form of electricity and gas, no airborne emissions, and the sterile liquid that remains can simply be returned to the water cycle. The bone ash is similar to that of cremation, and is the product of Resomation that would normally be kept in an urn, or returned to the environment.

A funeral using Resomation would be the same as any other, until the coffin is taken away, at which point it is placed in the Resomator, which uses a water and alkali based method, known as alkaline hydrolysis, to break the body down chemically during a 2 – 3 hour process.

The process is regulated in each country, and is becoming available around the globe. Here in the US the process (which shall be marketed as Bio-Cremation) is already regulated in some States and is currently in the process of being regulated in others.  For cost, or more information please visit US distributors Matthews Cremation, and for more information on the regulatory status here in the US click here.