Rechargeable Bottle Light brightens up room in a novel way

bottlelightGlass bottles are extremely useful – not only can they be recycled to do their bit in limiting the use of our earth’s raw resources, they are also great to double up as a decorative item, where you can always opt to place some sand and make your own sand art within, or in the case of the $14.99 Rechargeable Bottle Light, then it will be able to function as your favorite bottle into a working piece of art.

Assuming you love having a tipple or two after a particularly difficult day at work, how about saving up those empty bottles and using them with the Rechargeable Bottle Light? It is one clever light which will be able to let you be happy even when the booze runs dry, where it doubles up as an interesting light that delivers an artistic look using vintage drinks bottles, allowing you to get all creative with your home decoration as it creates a cozy, improvised table feature for perfect ambiance lighting.

The Rechargeable Bottle Light comes shaped in the form of a cork, complete with an extremely bright LED which can recharge via USB. Heck, you can opt to use if outdoors even if you want to, and there is no worry about the wind snuffing out the light! An hour’s worth of charging time will allow it to run for 2.5 hours.

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  1. This is so cool!! I was thinking of lumin-lights in a three litterbottle with 3-d batteries to make it light it up for a month. 😉 write me back please. 🙂

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