Giant Robot Slippers with Sound lets you stamp your authority

robot-slipperFor those of you who grew up on a steady diet of Japanese cartoons such as Astro Boy and Votron, you would have realized by now that robots tend to have boots for their feet. Even the iconic Megaman from Capcom has huge ass feet, making me wonder whether they have a secret hobbit fetish or something. Well, when you have a foot as large as any other normal Japanese robot, then walking around would certainly cause quite a ruckus. In real life, however, you would have to forcefully stamp your feet down to achieve a somewhat similar effect. Why not settle for a higher degree of efficiency with the $29.99 Giant Robot Slippers with Sound?

The Giant Robot Slippers with Sound, as its name suggests, would be able to make your feet look as well as sound like a regular robot. It comes in a one-size-fits-just about all form factor, and would cater for human adults – so kids will just have to sit back and watch in envy. The Giant Robot Slippers with Sound, needless to say, is yet another exclusive ThinkGeek creation. Each step would result in a vrrrrrr-clank noise, and thankfully, you can turn off this feature if you want to.