T-fal OptiGrill helps you whip up the perfect meal, every time

tfal-optigrillSummer will soon be upon us, and what better way to celebrate that season than to hold outdoor cook-outs with the rest of the family? Sure, you have been using the very same grill for the past two decades, and while it is still usable, how about augmenting the next cook-out experience with the $179.99 T-fal OptiGrill?

What makes the T-fal OptiGrill so special is the fact that it comes with a built-in sensor that is capable of adapting the cooking time to the thickness of your food automatically, without any fuss. Basically, it would be a no-brainer for you to cook stuff with the T-fal OptiGrill from now on. Apart from that, audible beeps are there to inform you of just when your food is at rare, medium or well done, so that you will be able to bite into just the right flavor according to how your taste buds love it.

There is also a cooking indicator light that will switch from yellow to red whenever your food is ready. All that you need to do is to select an automatic setting for burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage, pork, red meat or fish. Alternatively, if you are a more hands-on person, why not give the manual function a go if you want to dabble with vegetables and your own personal recipes?