The Lenmar Mutant – Powerful, Portable, Power for 4



Good old smartphone battery life, hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear at least one person complain about it.  I guess iPhones new iOS does at least appear to drain the battery much faster than before. I’m lucky if I get a whole day with the phone as it is now. That being said, the other 3 phones in our household aren’t setting any records for battery life either, we’re constantly fighting over who will use the charger in the car. We have a handful of standalone chargers that work with varying degrees of success…

Check out the answer to all your family’s charging problems, the Lenmar Mutant. This sleek, super powerful, 20,800mAh external battery pack comes equipped with 4 USB ports that give you the power to charge up to 2 tablets and 2 mobile phones AT THE SAME TIME! With two 2.4A ports designed to charge the newest iPad’s, tablets and smartphones (with the exception of the Samsung’s Galaxy 1) the Lenmar Mutant can charge your average smartphone up to 10 times, or your trusty tablet twice.

Two 1A USB ports can charge your iPhones, Samsung, Mobile Phones and even other USB powered Devices, and, the Mutant works internationally with included UK, AU and EU adaptor plugs, and it includes the power adapter that recharges your Mutant in only 10 hours. When your Mutant is connected to the AC adapter, it can also function as a power hub, allowing users to recharge four devices and the unit simultaneously. So if you’s like to save yourself, and your family, from that unpleasant scramble that occurs when you’re trying to keep your devices alive, go ahead and spring for the Lenmar Mutant – available now for pre-order, for under 200 bucks. Visit for more information.

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