Instant Teeth Whitening Pen has plans for your pearly whites

instant-teeth-whitening-penHaving a fully functional set of teeth alone ought to be a good thing for anyone, but of course, in such a narcissistic world, we not only want a complete set of teeth, but one that are properly aligned as well as looking white as a sheet. Assuming you have tried different teeth whitening products in the past but to no avail, how about giving it one more shot with the $24.95 Instant Teeth Whitening Pen?

The Instant Teeth Whitening Pen happened to pick up a gold medal in the prestigious Edison Awards for innovation, where this particular pen has been designed by dentists, the very same folks who supposedly know what they are doing. It sorts of reminds me of Oral B toothbrushes and their popular slogan of it being the brand that most dentists use themselves. Back to the Instant Teeth Whitening Pen – it can be used on the go to help whiten teeth instantly, all the while prevent staining between whitening treatments. Tiny and portable enough to be placed in a makeup bag or purse discreetly, you need no rinsing or brushing for added convenience.