The Guitdoorbell will strum a tune when you enter a room

We react to sounds in a variety of ways. Music we like makes us happy, screaming will set us on edge, and hearing water running in a stream is often very peaceful. If you’re the type of person who likes constant noise rather than silence, then you probably want a lot of sound-makers around your space.

If the sound of strumming on a guitar is something that you find peaceful, then you might like the Guitdoorbell. This is similar to door chimes, but instead uses a real guitar. This is a mount to be put up above your door frame, and while it isn’t a full size guitar, will be able to be removed and played. You’ll only need to mount the board, attach the Dual Lock Fasteners, and adhere the striker to your door.

Every time you open or shut the door, you’ll be able to hear a soft strum from above. If this starts to bug the crap out of you, then you can take one or both of the two pieces off and enjoy silence once again. These kits will cost you around $150, and you can even buy a bag for the guitar for an additional $28. If needed, replacement picks can also be purchased for $3. This is a grand idea for guitar enthusiasts, but will likely get old after a while.

Available for purchase on Guitdoorbell