DiDi is a modern teddy bear that will help little ones learn to read


We all had and/or have a special toy that we grew up with. Sometimes it’s a bear, blanket, or maybe it’s a strange stuffed animal like a puffer fish. Whatever it may be, it was more often than not a sort of security item, with which we felt safe from monsters in our own imagination at night, or dealing with new environments. While kids today still have teddy bears, they often pay more attention to technology as a comfort item.

Giving kids a smartphone or tablet is a great way to entertain them for hours, but it should be more functional aside from just showing them moving pictures and making sounds. The DiDi teddy bear is hoping to bridge the gap between entertainment and learning. This is a teddy bear cover for iPads, and corresponds with an app that will teach reading, and work as a sort of Tamagotchi.

You’ll be able to feed DiDi, brush its teeth, and play games. There are even touch toys so that everything isn’t screen-based. Currently there are three “belly books”, 3 educational games, and responses for interactions. There is also a bunny plush version named TuTu that works with iPhones and iPod Touch. Paying $25 will get you DiDi with all the touch toys, and if you’re quick about it the same price will also get you the TuTu bunny package.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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