The Professional Power Massager will beat your stress into submission


Professional Power Massager
Getting stressed out is pretty easy to do. Road rage, spilled coffee, deadlines, and more are commonplace in our everyday (and a lot of little things can build over time), so it’s no wonder why we have so much tension. Some carry knots in their shoulders, while others have more in their neck or lower back. Regardless of where it is, you want to work out that buildup so it doesn’t start impeding on your quality of life.

No one wants to feel like they’re being stabbed because of muscle tension. The Professional Power Massager might be able to help with knots, though it looks a bit intimidating. There are handle bars to be controlled by the other person, though it it will look like they’re attaching a steering wheel to your back. There is a wired remote with a rotary control that will let you adjust the RPM, which is capable of getting up to 3300.

If you don’t have a pair of helping hands around, then you can lean back on it while in a chair and move it as needed. This can also be used for your feet, thighs, or pretty much anywhere else. This will cost around $160, and plugs into a standard AC outlet. There are four large nodes, and it looks as though there is a cover to put on for your feet, but there isn’t information on whether or not that comes standard.

Available for purchase on SharperImage, found via Redferret

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