Powdered Alcohol – New Beverage Enhancer causes a “Stir”


Picture it. You and some college chums are heading out to the movies… the beach… a ballgame. You know that a frosty adult beverage would make whatever you’re doing a little more relaxing, and fun, but the drinks are expensive, or simply not allowed at the venue. Sure, you can sneak the stuff into the place in a watermelon, or a boda bag strapped to your bum, but fret no more, the answer to your dilemma may just be on the horizon.

Check out Palcohol, exactly what you’re hoping it is, a powdered drink mix for grown-ups. You just whip out a glass and add five ounces of water to the packet’s contents, and voila! a reconstituted cocktail that packs the same “punch” as the standard mixed drink you might find at your local watering hole. Supposedly conceived as a way to cut down on weight and packaging (it’s their story, let them tell it) the concept of a powdered alcohol is sure to be a hit with the just-turned-21 set, and die hide partiers alike.

No one knows exactly when Palcohol will hit a store near you, although it is already approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, there have been some labeling concerns that need to be addressed… but when it’s ready, it will be sold anywhere where liquor can be sold and of course, to purchase it you have to be of legal drinking age. It will be available here in the United States and abroad, and you’ll also be able to get it online. As usual, we’ll keep you posted. Cheers!

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