Remote Control Deadbolt Activator makes life more convenient

remote-deadboltLife is all about convenience these days, is it not? Look at the number of instant TV dinners that we have, where meals which used to take hours to prepare, now require mere minutes in the microwave in order to deliver the very same taste. As for the nutritional content in such TV dinners, well, that remains questionable compared to the original, but hey, at least it saves us time in the long run, right? Imagine coming home after a long, hard day at work, where you just want to make a beeline for your favorite couch and kick your shoes off. After sinking into your couch, you realized that you have not locked your front door. Fret not, there is a remote for that, in the form of the $79.95 Remote Control Deadbolt Activator.

As its name suggests, the Remote Control Deadbolt Activator is a patented device that enables one to operate an existing deadbolt with a remote control. Installation is a snap, where it requires no permanent alterations made to your door, where all that you need would be a screwdriver, and that’ sthat. The thumb-turn mechanism is replaced, where you will have a radio frequency remote control to “play” with, as it has a working range of up to 80′ away. The activator enables residents to unbolt the lock for guests (and re-bolt it when they depart) without having to make the long trek to the door. A quartet of AA batteries will power the device for up to a year, where you can choose from brass or nickel shades.

2 thoughts on “Remote Control Deadbolt Activator makes life more convenient”

  1. I love my remote control deadbolt! After six years, it still works great. I kept my same architectural grade handle-set (similar to the one in your picture) as it matches my door’s décor.

  2. I installed my remote control deadbolt six years ago and it still works great. No monthly fees, tech support or hassles….it simply works.

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