Past, Present, and Future Watch shows you only what you need to see


Past, Present, Future Watch
When we look at a watch, we want to know the time of the present down to the minute and possibly the second. Our lives run on a schedule, and while our phone is usually the best way to keep track of “when we are”, a wristwatch is a more discreet way of checking the time without looking like you’re bored at a meeting. However, instead of showing you one fixed point in time, it shows you what is, what was, and what will be.

The Past, Present, Future Watch shows you the present minute and hour, with the past and future times being slightly obscured. This way you can only see the relevant numbers, and not worry about what what comes before or after. The design is simple and small, but it makes its own statement. The buckled wristband is made of black leather, and the watch is somewhat water resistant, but you likely don’t want to submerse your hands in a tub or sink.

While this isn’t overly crazy like the Tokyoflash watches we’ve seen in the past, it does have a unique style that is borderline minimalistic. As it isn’t too obtrusive, those who spend much of the day typing would likely not even have to worry about removing this for comfort reasons. If you’re interested in this watch, it will cost you around $110.

Available for purchase on Amazon

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