The Outdoor Massaging Body Roll gives you a break from daily stressors

Massage Body Roll
We all get stressed out about different things. Sometimes it’s working too many days in a row, not having anything “fun” scheduled into your week, or just annoying everyday occurrences. Sooner or later, the things that make you tense up are going to make knots in your muscles. This is why we enjoy taking hot baths and are always in search of a massage.

The Outdoor Massage Body Roll will help you relax wherever you are. This is meant primarily for the outdoors as the name suggests, but there’s nothing wrong with laying down on the floor at work and just taking a few deep breaths now and again. In fact, this will boost your productivity so your brain isn’t in such a constant flurry. It would probably help if we didn’t all drink so much coffee, but it just tastes so good!

This body roll has four points of vibration massage that will help your muscles to calm themselves. When its not in use, it can be rolled up like a yoga mat. It is water, fade, and mildew resistant fabric, which likely means it’s not going to be the softest thing you’ve ever put your head on. This would be best paired with a beach towel that is large enough to cover it. You’ll be looking at $50 if you’re interested, and it probably won’t see much use until the weather is warm enough for swimming outdoors. Unless of course you like a little cool breeze hanging around.

Available for purchase on Homedics