DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys are fun and cheap


lunar-modules-lightup-paper-toysNormally, when we talk about papercraft, most of the time it would have nothing to do with electricity or the ilk, as a pair of scissors and some glue would be able to do the trick. Well, the $15.99 DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys might be something that parents would want to check out, especially when you take into consideration just how expensive some childrens’ toys can get these days. The electric papercraft that you see here will come combined with an electronics kit, where you will be able to toy with a trio of landers, namely the Spaceboy, Alien Girl, and Tabula Rasa (which is blank, in order for you to jazz it up with your own art).

The DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys have been described to be a perfect combination of papercraft and electronics, where it is officially known as “papertronics.” These are paper toys with electronic circuits within, and turning on your DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys would make them cool night lights that kids would love to own in their room, or adults at their special project bench in the basement or up in the attic. All that you need is some imagination, some artistic ability and a little extra tape, and you’re good to go. Each purchase comes with a trio of Lunar Modules, 3 resistors, 3 LEDs, 3 strips of metal tape, 3 batteries (CR 2032), and the relevant instructions.

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